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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Friday things heat up: Fahrenheit 9-11

I am ready for the movie! I have my ticket and will bust my way through any group of protesters to get into the theater. Yes, I'll be joining up with the "Hate America First" crowd to celebrate our hatred of George W. Bush and his corrupt, arrogant administration, and we're going to hold Mr. Bush, and Mr. Rumsfeld, and everyone else in his cabinet accountable for nearly 900 dead American soldiers, several thousand injured soldiers, and countless dead Iraqi civilians. We're going to hold Mr. Bush accountable for pissing off our allies, and we're going to hold him accountable for putting the United States into the toilet. Enough of this blame Bill Clinton bullshit. Clinton is history. Clinton was 2000. It's 2004. Time for right-wingers to pull their heads out of Ann Coulter's ass and wake up. Where's Osama? Where's the WMDs? How come we've allowed warlords to take over parts of Afghanistan, restoring Taliban-style rule? Why do Muslim extremists hate us? Our Fearless Leader says it's because of our freedoms. What kind of stupid-ass reason is that? Canada is a free country, and no one is going after their citizens.

And right-wingers, patriotism is NOT blindly agreeing with everything the government says or does. Patriotism can take on many forms. I can love my country and hate the way it's being governed. Patriotism is NOT flying a flag from the back of your SUV. And finally, right-wingers, pick up a law dictionary and learn what treason means. It does not mean what you think it means.


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