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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Dick Cheney: Hypocrite

Dick Cheney, Feb. 15, 2001, Remarks to the Conservative political Action Committee:

As the president and I present our agenda, we realize there will be a good many debates in the months and years ahead. We do not mind debating our opponents. We both did that
last fall and it worked out pretty well. He and I are going to make our case just as vigorously as we can. But we also take seriously the responsibility to be honest and to be civil.

In my office, I have a picture of John Adams, the first vice president. Adams liked to say, "The facts are stubborn things." Whatever the issue, we are going to deal with facts and show a decent regard for other points of view. This is not about questioning people's motives or their good faith. The days of the so-called war room and the permanent campaign are over.

"(Go) Fuck Yourself."
-- Dick Cheney, to Senator Patrick Leahy, June 22, 2004.

Dick Cheney to Neil Cavuto, Fox News, June 25, 2004:

"CAVUTO: Did you curse at him (Leahy)?

CHENEY: Probably.


CAVUTO: Do you have any regrets?

CHENEY: No. I said it, and I felt that...


CAVUTO: So let me understand, he comes up, he sees you, Mr. Vice — he's all nice, shakes your hand. And then what do you do, let into him?

CHENEY: Explain my unhappiness with the way he conducted himself. What — part of the problem here is, that instead of having a substantive debate over important policy issues, he had challenged my integrity. And I didn't like that. But, most of all, I didn't like the fact that after he had done so then he wanted to act like, you know, everything's peaches and cream.

And I informed him of my view of his conduct in no uncertain terms. And as I say, I felt better afterwards."

Thanks for keeping up that civility, Dick!


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